Monday, July 30, 2012

If you would ask me what kind of phone I like to have nowadays, You won't expect me to answer a high-end phone that is available in the market now as it would sound too ambitious--worst, you would call me a #SocialClimber. But at the opposite, you won't also hear me saying just a feature phone as a techie like me would make you think, "This guy is so obsolete!".

But what phone exactly is that I like? Well, a smartphone that may not be the best yet but have a high value! A phone that may not understands me, but loves the way I feel and is pretty enough to look at. A phone that could give me more brightness to light up my day! That would be my answer.

As I answer that, it seems that Yuga is eavesdropping and just chose the right phone that I like! And now, he's giving me a chance to have it through his latest giveaway on his blog. Without a second thought, I joined his contest right away and followed simple instructions at the rafflecopter.

The Xperia P for me is one phone that I really like the specs. Being in the mid-range of the Sony Xperia Nxt series--between Xperia S and Xperia U, it has a distinguishing properties that can stand out from the rest that falls in the same line. Just like the WhiteMagic technology that the handset's screen is capable of outglowing almost any smartphone out there, which ensures excellent outdoor visibility, a 1GHz dual-core processor that ensures a responsive touch, an 8MP rear and VGA front-facing camera, perfect for Skype chatting and the latest android operating system (I'm not sure if the phone that will be given away is already updated to ICS but we'll see when I have it! :)).

I also want to have the Xperia P because it can give a little bigger and powerful smartphone that can outdo the performance of my present, entry level phone. With Xperia P, I am expecting better much efficiency, less hassle and more stylish phone I can flaunt everywhere I go--that I would feel proud using it in any occasion.

I wish to have a Sony Xperia P soon :) I hope to win one, so wish me luck!
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