Friday, June 15, 2012

As soon as I've learned that Intel Philippines is currently running a roadshow for their Intel-inspired Ultrabooks, I made a mark in my calendar as to when I could have a visit in one of their venues. Thanks to the Independence Day celebration, which is a non-working holiday to most of us, I able to have a free day to spree with my friends at SM City North EDSA!

'A New Breed Of Wow' Roadshow at SM North EDSA
I've been curious about these new breed of portable computers lately--as they say, "It's neither a laptop nor a notebook but an Ultrabook!" I've been fascinating them that I  always look for some reviews of it and read a whole article about it whenever I have my free time! And before I forgot, I did even promoted them here in my site for some times.

So I went to SM City North EDSA this last Independence Day to hang out with my friends and brought them to the roadshow. We've had a little fun there simply because it's not the typical roadshow we used to visit where we see and have a little hands-on of the gadgets but organizers have also prepared games wherein we were able to easily familiarize the different ultrabook brands, a bit of their standard specifications and a 'slim' chance of having them as we go through the different challenges of the game!

I don't want this post to go into that much details about what we did there as you might find it a spoiler--so you really have to visit one of their roadshows if you're curious enough to learn--but instead, I will leave some photos of our experience here for you to enjoy and to give you ideas how it's fun to visit their roadshows.

Have you already visited 'A new Breed of wow' roadshow too? Share your experiences and thoughts from the event at the comment section. If you want to know more about this event, just click here.

Intel Ultrabook Roadshow
Friends signing up for the Ultrabook slim chance challenge 
Warming up for the challenge!
Too eager enough to have one?
A Slim Chance Ultrabook Dart Board. Pin the Dart on the yellow lane
and you win a cool prize!
I'm pretty good at this Game! Challenge accepted!
I won a mouse pad from the Slim Chance Dart Game!
Can you answer this for me?
Only 1 mistake after the quiz, I must be really good at this! lol
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